How to measure for Synthetic Grass

How much synthetic grass do I need?

If you are interested in having a synthetic grass lawn installed but are wondering how much you need, you can follow the below steps for measuring the various shapes your backyard may present. Being able to accurately measure the square meter size of your given space can assist when estimating the cost associated with the installation of a synthetic grass lawn.

The formulas below work for any defined space including sporting fields, gyms, lawns, interior spaces, anywhere you would like to install artificial grass.

How to measure a rectangle or square lawn

If you have a rectangle or square lawn, congratulations! You are one of the lucky ones and measuring it is fairly simple. You will need to measure the length and width of the rectangle or square in metres to calculate an estimate of the amount of artificial grass required. Once you know the length and the width you simply times the two together. For example:
Length = 8m. Width = 4m.
8m x 4m = 32m2

How to measure square grass

How to measure a circle lawn

The best way to get an estimate on how much fake grass you will need to cover a circle lawn is to measure the diameter of the area in metres. Once the diameter is known, multiply it by 0.80 then times it by the diameter again. For example:
Diameter = 16m
16m x 0.80 = 12.8
12.8 x 16m = 204.8m2

How to measure circle grass

How to measure an oval lawn

To calculate how much artificial grass you will need to cover an oval lawn, measure the length and width in metres, then multiply the length by 0.80 before multiplying it by the width. For example:
Length = 9m. Width = 15m.
9m x 0.80 x 15m = 108m2

How to measure oval grass

How to measure a triangle lawn

To work out how much synthetic grass you will need to cover a triangle shaped lawn, measure the base and height of the area in metres, then multiply the base by 0.50 before multiplying that by the height. For example.
Base = 18m. Height = 12m.
18 x 0.50 x 12 = 108m2

How to measure triangle grass

When measuring your lawn you may like to use some graph paper to help you measure the area and write down your calculations.

You can use the above formulas to break down your backyard into shapes and then work out the square meter area of each shape. Once you have the totals for each area, simply add them together to get your total square meter area needing to be covered with fake grass.

Once you have your final figure we recommend adding a little bit extra to allow for cutting, overlap and wastage, approx 5% should be sufficient.

We hope this guide provides you will be knowledge needed for you to calculate a rough estimate of how many meters squared you have in your backyard. If you don’t want to waste time measuring for synthetic grass, we are of course happy to come and provide a free measure and quote, contact one of our friendly staff at Classic Backyards today.

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