Artificial Grass for Residential Homes

There is no doubt that synthetic grass has come a long way since the ‘Astro turf’ products of the 1960’s. Technology advancements have meant that the artificial grass products offered today have a look and feel which is much more realistic when compared to the products of yesteryear. You can forget about that fluoro green, stiff bristled, carpet look. Today’s synthetic grass products resemble a nice thick and lush looking lawn that not only looks great but also has many other benefits.

Classic Backyards have been supplying synthetic lawn products to residential homes of all shapes and sizes for over 15 years. All of our products come complete with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty. We know how to make your lawn look as natural as possible and our installation professionals are experts in ensuring your lawn is installed correctly (no matter what the unique landscape) to maximise its lifespan.

Fake Turf for any outdoor or indoor environment

Don’t worry if your front yard or back yard is a strange shape, we can cut the grass to suit any shapes or styles that you choose. We have even supplied fake grass for some indoor applications such as walls and office areas.

All of our products are UV treated to protect them from the harsh Sydney, NSW sun. Our products won’t fade and better still, won’t become brown and brittle (or die) under the Australian summer sun, your lawn will look great all year round.

Artificial Grass for residential homes

We know that you are very busy and would prefer to spend your spare time doing things other than mowing and weeding the lawn. The good news is that fake grass offers a weed-free alternative to natural grass without the huge maintenance requirements. No mowing, no edge trimming, no weeding, no fertilising, no pesticides, no watering and best of all no worrying about dead spots or drought. There is minimal maintenance required and we have put together a handy guide to step you through any issues which may arise.

Before installation we take the time to ensure your home outdoor surface is well prepared before laying any artificial grass. This will ensure it is free from rocks, holes and divots which will mean a safer surface for your children and pets.

You can forget about your children walking mud from your wet traditional grass lawn into the house. Due to the inbuilt drainage system which comes with all our products your backyard will be mud free.

Synthetic grass has been steadily increasing in popularity over the past few years and it is at a point where it can add value to your family home. According to real estate agents, anything that assists with reducing maintenance of a house can add value to the property.

We have a complete Frequently Asked Questions page which may assist with answering any outstanding questions you have. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff who are here to help.

Synthetic Grass Residential House

Be sure to check out our synthetic grass photo gallery for some examples of work we have recently completed.

Today’s fake lawn products are not only visually appealing, they also feel good underfoot for both humans and your family pet.

If you are sick of the time, effort and expense that goes into maintaining a real grass lawn and you are wanting to get your weekends back by moving to a maintenance free alternative, please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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