Artificial Grass for Sporting Fields

Artificial Grass Sporting Field

Are you thinking of using artificial grass for your sporting field but are wondering what are the benefits? Hopefully this article can assist with taking away some of the guess work and help you reach a decision which meets your needs.

No more cancelled games

Sports such as hockey, soccer, football and AFL (just to name a few) can be played on artificial grass all year round. No more worrying about whether you need to cancel games due to wet weather. Water will drain away from the surface of artificial grass into the sand infill very well. No more muddy pitches and costly and time consuming cancellations/reschedules.
Avoiding cancelling games due to the wet is one thing but artificial grass also has benefits during summer. No more dry pitches becoming unfriendly for play. Artificial grass will not suffer dry patches and won’t turn into a dust bowl like real grass fields can when they dry out in summer.

Perfect for heavy use

Artificial grass is very resistant to high traffic use. It has been designed to handle heavy use and will not diminish under regular use. The sand infill can be topped up periodically to assist with getting many many years out of your investment in artificial grass. Speak to us about our artificial grass care and maintenance tips for sports fields.

Cost savings

How much money do you currently spend each year maintaining your existing traditional turf sporting fields? The answer is probably scary. With artificial grass there is no more watering, no more mowing, no more fertilising, no more weeding! Think of employee hours that will be saved on maintenance and then think of the savings on resources such as water, oil, petrol, chemicals and associated equipment.

Artificial grass can be safer for players

A study by Montana State University in America titled “Incidence, Mechanisms, and Severity of Game-Related College Football Injuries on : A Three-Year Prospective Study” found that American college football games played on artificial grass surfaces resulted in statistically fewer and less severe injuries than those played on real grass.

Less Line Marking

Are you sick of marking lines every few weeks? The good news about artificial grass is that it only requires lines to be marked two to three times a year.

Safe from predators

Birds, insects and other pests don’t like artificial grass. Whilst they may cause damage to real grass sporting fields, artificial grass is resistant to these kinds of attacks. You get to save more hard earned money by not needing to spend any on pesticides.

Long warranty and long life

With the right care and maintenance, artificial grass sporting fields should last between ten to fifteen years. All artificial grass supplied by Classic Backyards comes backed with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Great look all year round

Lastly, do you take pride in the look of your sporting fields? If you do, artificial grass is the perfect product for you. It maintains its beautiful green and healthy look all year round, no matter what the weather and environmental conditions.

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