Synthetic Grass for Schools and Playgrounds

Safe Playground Surface for Children

Synthetic grass can be a great choice for School and Playground surfaces. We here at Classic Backyards understand that the safety of your children is always priority number one and this is one of the reasons why we recommend a professionally installed synthetic grass surface for their play needs.

We take the time to ensure the base surface is properly prepared to protect children from minor falls before installing artificial grass on top. A properly prepared artificial grass playing surface eliminates a lot of the hazards which are responsible for playground injuries such as holes in the grounds, dangerous rocks and abrasive objects.

Children Playground Grass

By utilising artificial grass you can forget about those dead natural grass spots, not to mention the dangerous cracked hard grounds during dry drought months or winter periods.

No more mud in School classrooms

All fake grass surfaces installed by Classic Backyards come with excellent drainage meaning rain or spilt water/fluid will easily drain away. Any juice or soda spills can be easily washed away with water if needed, else rainfall will provide a natural clean.

Excellent drainage means the days of muddy playgrounds are gone. No more children running mud through the home or classroom. All of our products are stain resistant. If you need help with dealing with chemical spills such as oil please follow our care and maintenance instructions.

Synthetic Grass School Field

Educational design

We stock a variety of colours to assist with making a visually appealing and functional design that both children and parents will love. Our team of design professionals can create an aesthetically appealing playground that lasts for years to come.

Whilst children will benefit mostly from the motor skills gained whilst playing outside, we also understand the need to use colour to create educational learning environments which can aid with literacy and numeracy skills.

Our products are built to last through heavy traffic and tough play conditions. They are hard-wearing but you wouldn’t believe how soft they are, just what you need for young growing bodies! We support all of our products with a 10 year warranty to ensure you receive a good return on your investment.

We can supply and install a variety of infill options, including but not limited to sand and rubber. Both can offer a line of protection against impact. We can discuss which would be best for your specific needs to ensure you receive exactly what you are after.

Playgrounds ready for the Sydney sun

Our synthetic grass is UV protected to help deal with the harsh Sydney climate.

Synthetic grass will maintain its green appearance all year around meaning your school playground will always look in great condition.

We can cater for school playgrounds of any shape and size. Our products can be cut and tailored to your exact requirements.

Synthetic Grass for kids

For an extra level of safety, Classic Backyards can install surfaces to meet the Australian/New Zealand Playground Surfacing Standard AS/NZS 4422:1996 Playground surfacing – Specifications, requirements and test method. If you need a full copy of the AS/NZS 4422:1996 standard it can be purchased from SAI Global.

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