Unique Uses for Synthetic Grass

Office Synthetic Grass

Artificial Grass has many uses!

Whilst synthetic grass and artificial lawns continue to grow in popularity due to their low maintenance, cost savings and great looks, there is also a trend towards some of the more ‘unique’ uses for the product. No longer is synthetic grass just used for creating great looking green backyards or sporting fields, it is starting to make its way into internal applications such as office environment, store displays etc. Here are just some of the unique uses for artificial grass.

Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop gardens can be common in Sydney and people are always looking for new ways to jazz them up. A traditional grass lawn can sometimes weigh too much for a rooftop area to handle so synthetic grass can be a great alternate that can create a very visually appealing environment. It can help create a natural lawn like atmosphere for kicking back and relaxing why you enjoy your accompanying garden. Don’t forget, you will never have to cart a lawnmower up to the roof to mow a synthetic grass lawn, it never needs mowing! Here are some great examples from Houzz.com.

Internal Office Spaces

Synthetic grass can bring a nice natural look and feel to an office setting. The use of artificial grass in office lunch areas or rest areas is becoming more and more common. The soothing colour of green helps to enhance the relaxation feeling needed in certain areas. It doesn’t just stop there, fake grass has also been used for meeting rooms or interior office decoration on walls. It is easy to clean, easy to vacuum if needed, is well suited to high traffic areas and is totally odorless meaning it is well suited to office environments.

Children’s Bedroom and Play areas

Synthetic grass supplied by Classic Backyards is well suited for outside children’s play areas due to its non-toxic manufacture. Having an artificial turf lawn can help avoid mud during times of rain and prevents your children being exposed to rocks and other organic hazards in the backyard. But, synthetic grass can be just as well suited to internal spaces. The rubber base on artificial grass means it absorbs shock to help prevent injuries. The main reason to use synthetic grass in kids bedrooms is the great look it provides! Give your children the bedroom that will be the envy of all their friends.

Door Mats

The ease of cleaning means synthetic grass is an ideal choice as a great looking doormat with a difference. It’s stain resistant nature means it won’t get dirty and any stubborn marks can be removed following the steps in our artificial grass care and maintenance guide. Get rid of that boring and uninviting plastic doormat and welcome your guests with something special and unique.

Shop displays

Do you own a retail outlet that sells BBQs? Push bikes? Outdoor Furniture? You can use synthetic grass to create a great natural looking outdoor environment inside your store. Bring a taste of the outdoors inside with quality fake turf. Synthetic turf is a great option for those who are looking to create eye catching stalls at exhibitions. You only have a little space allocated at those events, make the most of it and get your customers attention.

Ute liners

Need something to protect the back tray in your ute? Need something that will look great and can be easily replaced if needed? Why not use Synthetic Grass! Its rubber backing means it won’t scratch your ute and it is highly durable.

Balcony and Patio

Why not add a bit of colour and excitment to your balcony or patio with some of the best artificial grass going around? We stock various styles to suit the look you are trying to achieve and you will amazed and just how good fake grass can make your balcony look! We think its only a matter of time before someone uses this in their design on Channel 9′s The Block :)

There are many unique uses for synthetic grass. Too many to list here, but we hope this article has started you thinking about the unique ways you might be able to use artificial grass in your life. Synthetic grass is non-toxic, easy to clean, soft to walk on, looks just like real turf, is UV resistant and odorless meaning the sky’s the limit in terms of its uses. Do you have a unique use for synthetic grass that we haven’t listed? We would love to hear about it, contact us at our Sydney office.

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