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Synthetic Grass Terrace The Block

Amazing Terrace with Fake Grass

Last night on the Channel 9 TV Show – The Block Glasshouse, contestants were revealing their terrace designs for the judges to score. Those who watched the show would have seen that contestants Michael and Carlene opted to include synthetic grass in their terrace design. Fake grass has many uses, for some examples be sure to check out our . One such use for fake grass is in indoor environments, or in the case with Michael and Carlene, a beautiful Melbourne terrace in an apartment block full of glass windows (hence the show name The Glasshouse).

Their decision to include synthetic grass in the terrace was a hit. The judges mentioned how you could laze back on the artificial grass whilst stretching out on the comfy bean bag they had also included whilst guests enjoyed the BBQ facilities of the room.

To quote The Block website “The judges were blown away by Michael and Carlene’s terrace.” Full article can be found here.

Michael and Carlene used deep bench seating to compliment the synthetic grass and complete their design.

It will be interesting to see just how much Michael and Carlene’s apartment ends up selling for as their terrace has definately added to the overall value of the property.

Synthetic grass is a great choice for terrace applications due to its low maintenance. Michael and Carlene won’t have to water the grass, they won’t have to mow it, they won’t have to weed it, they won’t have to fertilise it and best of all it is perfectly suited to high traffic areas such an entertainment terraces. Fake grass is also stain resistant so it won’t matter if family or guests spill drinks or even BBQ sauce on it. Be sure to check out our on how to maintain your fake grass to ensure you receive years from your investment.

Whilst outdoor tiles look great, artificial grass can be used to break up the area, add some much needed colour when compared to the ‘plain’ look of some tiles and bring a feel of natural lawn into an indoor space. Synthetic grass can bring a relaxed and chilled vibe to any terrace.

Classic Backyards can supply and install synthetic grass in Sydney just like that seen on The Block and all of our products come with a seven year manufacturers warranty. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff today to discuss your specific needs and arrange for a free measure and quote.

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