Fake Grass to assist with allergies

Fake Grass No Allergies

Fake Grass has many obvious benefits such as no requirement for mowing, no weeding, no fertilising and overall general ease of maintenance, not to mention cost savings. But there is one benefit that is not as well known but can be equally important and that is the benefit it brings for grass allergy sufferers. If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from grass allergies, artificial grass might just be the ideal answer to your ongoing battle with the outdoors.

Grass Allergy Symptoms

There are many people who unfortunately suffer from real grass allergies. The allergies are known to occur from the pollens that are released from real grass and its associated weeds which it can host. Triggers for releasing this pollen are usually higher during spring and summer months. Sneezing, runny nose, watery or itchy eyes, asthma like breathing difficulty, headaches and general fatigue can be common symptoms. Most symptoms resemble hay fever like symptoms. Symptoms can increase during and after tasks such as lawn mowing as this is known to cause a release of the pollens.

Medications are available to relieve symptoms but who wants to be taking these each day just so you can enjoy the outdoors!

Artificial Grass for Allergy Sufferers

Many people can end up feeling trapped by their allergies to real grass given it is everywhere. Luckily though there is a better option than taking medications in order to enjoy your own backyard. Classic Backyards can design, supply and install a fake grass lawn for you which doesn’t contain the pollens which bring on real grass allergy. Fake grass is made from man-made supplies and its composition is more unique than real traditional grass.

Reduce grass allergies with artificial grass

Fake grass is designed and built to stay short. It doesn’t require lawn mowing and it naturally maintains its short and manicured visually appealing appearance. Because of its short profile, excess growth which can trap pollen, dust and other allergy causing debris is minimised. If you desire, you can water the top of synthetic grass to further reduce any pollen counts. Artificial grass has built-in drainage via its porous backing which enables water to easily seep away into the sand infill underneath which in turn reduces the chances of spores and bacteria growing on the surface.

Artificial Grass for Allergy Sufferers

You could have a natural lawn look, without having to suffer the allergies! All artificial grass supplied by Classic Backyards looks fantastic and we can cater the installation to suit your homes natural landscape. All of our synthetic grass products come complete with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

Fake Grass which is safe for the whole family

All of our synthetic grass products are totally safe for all the family, including children and also pets. Each fake grass product we offer has been manufactured to be highly durable to give you years from your investment.

If you suffer from real grass allergies the good news is there is now a solution that will allow you to enjoy your very own backyard without medications. Don’t delay, contact us today to get a quote and start enjoying the beautiful outdoors without the fear of suffering from sneezing, itchy eyes, headaches and fatigue.

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